What You Need To Know About Gestation Period For Dogs

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Early Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

There are some definite signs during early period of pregnancy that indicate towards a dog being impregnated. These signs include unusual increase or decrease in appetite, lack of activity, nipple growth, weight gain, and changes in behavior like increased affection or detachment.

2. Late Term Signs

The dog pregnancy symptoms will become much more pronounced in the later stages of pregnancy. There will be a considerable growth in abdomen size. Last weeks before delivery are indicated by increased movement of unborn puppies and leakage of breast milk.

3. Symptoms Close To Delivery

Generally some 20 to 30 hours before the delivery, the dog will become very restless and will try to prepare the area where it intends to deliver by scrunching up carpets or newspapers. You may suffer some household damage as she may scrunch up your bed or some cushion. Also, its temperature will drop by 3 to 4 degrees to 97-99 Fahrenheit. This drop of temperature will occur at most 24 hours before delivery.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant For?

Dog Heat Cycles

Non-spayed female dogs will undergo heat cycles twice a year. It depends on their breed that at what age and for how long the cycles will occur.

Pregnancy in the dog (all breeds) lasts about 2 months: 60-64 days.

How to get a dog pregnant?

A popular misconception that has to be cleared is that a man cannot get a god pregnant. If you wish to breed your bitch, you can consider the following guidelines:

  • Firstly arrange a medical checkup of your bitch so as to ensure she is healthy and sound.
  • Select a stud dog for breeding and converse in advance with the owner about your wishes. Try to see the reports of a current brucellosis test for the stud dog, and in case there is no usable record, persuade the stud dog owner to conduct one.
  • When the heat cycle starts, contact the owner of the stud dog and make the necessary arrangement. If it’s the first breeding of your bitch, consult a vet so as to know the most suitable time to take your bitch for mating.
  • Your bitch will remain with the stud dog for a week or so.
  • When mating is done, you should perform the paperwork, which include signing an agreement with the possessor of the stud dog, the genealogy of the stud dog, reports assuring healthy condition of the stud dog and the breeding date.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant – Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Dog Pregnancy – Week One (Day 1 – Day 7)

Formation Of Embryos

  • Fertilization of eggs takes place
  • 2 cell embryos are in the oviduct

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Your dog may suffer from morning sickness
  • Increase in affection or detachment may occur

Actions To Be Taken

  • Make your dog feed and exercise according to the normal routine
  • Before giving any medicine to the dog, take vet’s approval. Also, do not apply any flea treatments or live vaccines
  • Draft out a pedigree and a contract
  • Contact AKC for registration application
  • Start taking puppy reservations

Dog Pregnancy – Week Two (Day 8 – Day 14)

Growth Of Embryos

  • Embryos multiply in number and enter the uterus

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • The same changes as before

Actions To Be Taken

  • Continue as with Week One

Dog Pregnancy – Week Three (Day 15 – Day 21)

Implantation of Embryos

  • Embryos will be implanted in the uterus on the 19th day.

Physical or Behavioral Changes

  • The changes are same as above

Actions to Be Taken

  • Continue the previous routine

Dog Pregnancy – Week Four (Day 22 – Day 28)

Development Of The Embryos

  • Growth in size of fetuses
  • Facial features specifically eyes, and spinal cords have formed
  • 28th or surrounding days good for ensuring pregnancy by palpitating uterus

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Possible discharge of vaginal fluids

Actions To Be Taken

  • Restrict tiring exercise like jumping, excessive running etc.
  • Supplement the diet with a quarter cup of cottage cheese or scrambled boiled eggs.
  • Perfect time to confirm pregnancy. Consult a vet for palpitation or ultrasound.

Dog Pregnancy – Week Five (Day 29 – Day 35)

Development Of The Embryos

  • Fetuses start appearing like dogs and their sex become determinable
  • Facial features like whiskers, and claws develop
  • Fetuses grow in size to 18 to 30 mm

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Weight gain
  • Increase in the size of abdomen

Actions To Be Taken

  • Supplement the food daily with vitamins for dogs. Increase the amount of food by a small amount, and switch to puppy kibble.
  • Add daily multi-vitamin for dogs.

Dog Pregnancy – Week Six (Day 36 – Day 42)

Development Of The Fetuses

  • Skin stars to pigment
  • Heartbeats become detectable
  • Fetuses grow in size and weight to 40-45 mm and 6 grams respectively

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Size of nipples and abdomen increase

Actions To Be Taken

  • Continue the feeding routine of the previous week.
  • Arrange a whelping box and ensure the bitch starts sleeping in it.

Dog Pregnancy – Week Seven (Day 43 – Day 49)

Development Of The Fetuses

  • Fetuses continue growing in size and weight

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Pregnancy will now be clearly detectable
  • Abdomen hair may start to shed

Actions To Be Taken

  • Further increase the amount of the meals
  • Completely restrict any tiring activity especially jumping
  • X-ray radiography can be used to find out the number and sexes of the puppies.

Dog Pregnancy – Week Eight (Day 50 – Day 57)

Approaching Delivery Stages

  • Unborn puppies star making clear, pronounced movements

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Considerable increase in abdomen size
  • Nipples may leak

Actions To Be Taken

  • Make necessary arrangements for whelping. Make sure your car is prepared for emergency visits to vet. Also keep vet’s phone number within easy access.

Dog Pregnancy – Week Nine (Day 58 – Day 65)

Approaching Delivery Stages

  • Growth and Development continues

Physical Or Behavioral Changes

  • Bitch may become very restless
  • A drop of 1 to 2 degrees in Fahrenheit form normal temperature may occur
  • When temperature drops to around 98-99.4 degrees Fahrenheit, delivery will take place within 24 hours
  • Complete loss of appetite may occur

Actions To Be Taken

  • Take temperature readings thrice a day and note them down
  • Again ensure all things required for whelping are ready
  • When temperature drops below 100 Fahrenheit, notify the vet and ask him to be available for a possible emergency visit.

What To Feed Your Pregnant Dog – Just For Dogs Giving Birth

Feeding your dog with too much or too little food during dog pregnancy may affect your dog’s and the puppies’ health negatively. Usually, dog owners seem to feed too much at early stages and then feed too little as the dog is nursing.

Put Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet

When it comes to the food itself, commercial dog food, most people feed their pets during dog pregnancy unaware of what it actually contain. In fact, commercial dog food should not be fed to your pregnant dog as it does not provide a sufficient and healthy diet which is exactly what all dogs giving birth need. The amount of additives and processing that commercial dog food contains are massive. The chemicals may possibly make your dog become sick and die early. Instead, during gestation period for dogs, a high quality raw food diet just for dogs should be given. This diet will allow not only your pregnant dog to remain healthy, but also the puppies that are soon entering the world.

So, why is a raw diet the best food during the dog gestation period? It is simple. With a pure raw food diet, your pregnant dog will gain all their nutritional requirements in the right proportions. Any cooked food given to a dog during pregnancy may cause the dog to get cancer.

In addition, by putting your pregnant dog on a raw diet, your pregnant dog doesn’t just become healthier and stronger, but you will also save a lot of money since you won’t go to the vet, get medicines or other supplements as often as before.

To avoid wasting your time preparing your dog’s new raw food diet, you can make a schedule and store the raw food in special boxes, for example, so you don’t need to make new food everyday.

During pregnancy in dogs, the best way to support them is to give them a high quality raw diet on a regular basis until the puppies are born. Here are a list of ways how your dog during gestation would benefit when consuming a raw food diet:

  • Healthier and lives longer
  • Recovers more easily from illnesses
  • Save time and money from fewer visits to the vet
  • More playful
  • Save the environment from chemicals
  • Naturally smelling

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant – Avoid Unwanted Dog Pregnancy

If you happen to have a dog it may also be useful to know what methods you should use to avoid unwanted dog pregnancy. Every person, who possesses a dog and loves it, has to know how long dogs are pregnant and be aware of certain facts about the dog pregnancy calendar, in order to take proper care of the dog. In this article I will talk about ways to avoid unwanted dog pregnancy.

Unwanted Dog Pregnancy

The best way to avoid unwanted dog pregnancy is spaying. Suppose your bitch is in heat cycle and you find it with a stud dog, there are high chances that it had been impregnated. The danger and discomfort of this situation can be avoided by spaying in which dog’s uterus and ovaries are removed by a surgery. It must be known that after spaying, the dog cannot reproduce again. Uterus is also removed along with the embryo if the dog has been impregnated. Besides eliminating the possibility of unwanted dog pregnancy, spaying also protects dog from various diseases like breast cancer and diabetes, and the spayed dogs leave the house less so that the danger of meeting accidents is curtailed.

In case one intends to breed the dog in the future, pregnancy can be ended using medication. The dog has first to be hospitalized because some medicines have to be injected and there will be discharge of vaginal fluids which can pollute the home. This treatment is carried in a particular period i.e. 30 to 40 days after impregnation; therefore, it is important to know about the date of mating. The treatment spans over 5 to 7 days. In older times, estrogen was occasionally injected to end pregnancy. This treatment is highly dangerous for the dog and so vehemently discouraged.

How To Tell If A Dog Is Pregnant?

It is best to consult a vet to determine whether a dog is pregnant or not. The vets generally use two methods to determine whether a dog is pregnant or not. The vet either palpitates or feels the uterus about a month after the heat cycle or breeding. The uterus would have slightly grown in size and would contain small-sized lumps of embryos in case of impregnation. The second method to check dog pregnancy is ultrasound. There is also a relaxing not recommendable pregnancy test in which a dog’s blood sample is used.

False Pregnancy

Sometimes as the heat cycle finishes off, a bitch can show false pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms are psychological in nature, and don’t last long, usually end within a month. Although this is not a long period, a dog can also adopt babies from another dog at this time. This can lead to a dangerous and long discomforting situation, especially if you don’t want puppies and so you must tactfully intervene to prevent it from happening. Instead try to give some stuffed toys to your dog so as to divert its attention and later on, gradually remove the toy while indulging it in other activities.